Anxiety Evals

We're a proud partner of!

As Anxiety made its debut as a qualifying condition in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana market and Medical Cannabis markets across the country, JSB Certifications saw a tremendous spike in certification requests with Anxiety and PTSD as the root ailment. And, as a result, quickly needed to find qualified support teams to aid in the diagnosis and ongoing treatment of our patients.

Doctor Paul and his amazing team at were some of our earliest (and best!) collaborators and we’re grateful for the awesome partnership. makes it easier than ever to access professional therapists to support the understanding and qualification process of anxiety as a point of admission into the state-wide Medical Marijuana Patient Program. Their three step process—which begins with a simple, user-friendly intake form—makes connection and receipt (of medical records) a breeze.

Evaluations are $75 and you’re only billed if/when you qualify as a patient living with Anxiety as a symptom and ailment, qualifying you for entry into the Medical Cannabis Patient Program.

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